The idea for the Collaborator Club came about in 2014 to provide value to our members through the negotiation of benefits in products or services useful to the sector. The companies that form part of the Collaborator Club are picked through a careful and thorough process. We seek professionalism and commitment from our members, as well as a high quality of services offered.

Tourist Apartments Management Platform


The perfect tool that allows you to have and manage with a single platform the PMS, Channel Manager, CMS, CRM and ERP for better management of your holiday apartments. BedLoop reinvents your day-to-day management.

  • Telephone: 681 298 329
  • E-mail:
  • Web:
  • Contact: Jordi Miró

Supply mangement


Company that simplifies the management of basic supplies (Water, Electricity, Gas, Telephone and Internet) of all the properties managed by its customers, reducing costs and management time, while giving them greater visibility on consumption and better forecast of expenses.


Luggage Service


Free your guests from their luggage throughout their stay!
LUGGit offers luggage pick up, storage, and delivery at the time and place of your guests' choice. Our mission is to help short-term rental property managers provide the best service to their guests while reducing costs and their operational hustle.
Partnering with LUGGit is FREE of charge and allows managers to boost their monthly revenue.

Reception products


Cleaning Kits, Amenities and Supplies for Tourist Apartments.

Cleaning service


Specialists in the cleaning service for tourist accommodation with extensive experience in the sector.

Professional interior photography and video


Fotointeriores was born from the passion for photography and the entrepreneurial spirit of Néstor Marchador, a professional photographer specialized in interior photography and video.

Since 2009, Néstor has promoted Fotointeriores with demand, dedication and enthusiasm. More than 2000 photographic reports made in the tourism, real estate, gastronomic and business sectors are the result of personalized work based on commitment and professionalism.

Fiber optics specialized in tourist apartments


Yuuju is the first internet service provider that you can turn on and off in your vacation homes. Do you have several homes and want to control all your lines in real time? You can set them up from any device and centralize your billing in one place. Activate the internet for days or months, depending on what you need at all times and pay only for what you use, without complications.

Noise level monitoring


Noise Alarm: Monitor the noise in your apartments in real time and receive a warning when the noise may disturb neighbors or other guests.

AlarmAssistant: With the alarmassistant service, let Roomonitor take care of both alarms and possible complaints from neighbors.


Consultancy in Personal Data Protection (LOPD)


LOPD adaptation projects, maintenance and defense in sanctions. Audit. Web adaptation and electronic commerce.

Hospitality and Check Ins Service


HALO is a Co-Hosting Agency based in Barcelona, operating in Madrid, Malaga, Seville, Valencia, Blanes and Costa Brava, specialized in Check-In services.

  • Telephone: 623 347 281
  • E-mail:
  • Web:
  • Contact: Diego Alvárez



Decoration, redecoration, interior design, home staging and styling of tourist apartments, private homes, pilots and offices.

Consulting and Programming


Specialists in the optimization of tourist and seasonal apartment companies. Personalized consulting and tailor-made programming to achieve a high return on your apartments.

Enviromental health

Pests control (rat extermination, disinsection …) and Environmental health (disinfection, legionella, hyperchlorination…).

  • Telephone: 93 300 44 12 / 666 563 858
  • E-mail:
  • Web:
  • Contact: Loli

Elimination of bad smells


Since 2009, they have been developing and manufacturing bad odor applications for the best professional hygiene service companies.

They make "antidotes" for all kinds of bad smell and environment. With proprietary technology: many "solutions" mask odors, but their formulas eliminate them.

Cost efficient, but taking care of the aromatic quality. Safe and environmentally friendly technology.

Electric power


Welcome to the power company where there's another way of seeing things. We're your travel companion toward an energy model where welfare and comfort go hand in hand with savings and green energy. We'll accompany you to the future where you'll be the owner of your energy.

  • Telephone: 93 122 24 47
  • E-mail:
  • Web:
  • Contact: Aline Vanmaelsacke

Upholstery cleaning


Company dedicated to cleaning upholstery (sofas, chairs, carpets, rugs, etc.). Committed to the economy of the company and respect for the environment.

They offer exclusive services for companies, with unique benefits, which help the furniture of the accommodation to look like new despite the passage of time, and considerably extending the replacement time of the same.

  • Telephone: 666 825 641
  • E-mail:
  • Web:
  • Contact: Fabio Bertona

Smart accesses


Akiles allows managing access to tourism assets 100% remotely. To this end, the company installs its devices at the accesses, provides mangaers with a Cloud platform with which to generate fully configurable permissions in real time and offers multiple opening options for guests, ranging from the use of their cell phone to the manual entry of unipersonal PIN codes.

Digital Welcome Guides


Digital Welcome Guides that help reduce the guest frequently asked questions. Improve the experience of your clients' stay ant the reviews.

Share practical information and recommendations, all in a single URL access. Dynamic content and multiple languages availability.

  • Telephone: 683 117 744
  • E-mail:
  • Web:
  • Contacto: Guillermo Onrubia

Business, Professional and Personal Training and Development


Business, Professional and Personal Training and Development. Team Management and Coaching. Management of training bonuses. We focus our work to suit your needs and objectives in all areas of your business.

24h medical care service


Professional medical assistance at home, ambulance activation and hospital assistance in Barcelona for international customers visiting the city.

Telephone assistance 24 hours


The solution for tourist apartment managers.



Specific and exclusive insurance for the tourist apartment sector.

Cultural Experiences


Tiqets puts cultural experiences within your reach. With instant, last-minute and digital tickets, Tiqets brings the best museums and attractions around the world to travelers. 

Wifi, Internet and security cameras


Specialists in WiFi networks and security camera systems. They take care of everything so that management companies and apartment owners do not have claims for bad internet service. The cameras in common areas provide security and evidence against theft and are visible from any mobile phone of the property or manager. Consultancy, installation and maintenance.

Economic and legal advice


Fiscal, accounting, labor advice and legal services in the civil, labor and commercial sphere specific for management companies and owners of tourist apartments.

Legal advice - Lawyers specializing in criminal law and eviction


Law firm specializing in Criminal Law, corporate compliance and real estate evictions.

Legal advice


Lawyer, specialized in Administrative Law, town planning and real estate.

Equipment rest


The LAXY brand has been providing rest solutions for more than 50 years, from mattresses, bases, pillows ... to satisfy the tastes and preferences of anyone.


Marketing - Advertising


Provision of marketing services, advice and advertising within the tourism sector. Online and offline marketing campaigns strictly aimed at the tourist market, giving a 360º view of the sector. Maps of Barcelona for customers, with proposals, city information and discounts.

Alarm System


Protect your holiday apartment from theft and illegal occupation.

Cleaning service


We work every day to become the cleaning company that your tourist accommodation needs, adapting to your needs. We create cleaning and hygiene protocols adapted to your needs, bringing quality, professionalism and efficiency to every project we tackle.

Maintenance, Repair, Installation and Reforms Service


Comprehensive maintenance company. Regular maintenance and repair of damage caused by the daily use of the tourist apartments. We have an emergency and on-call service outside working hours and at weekends.

Wax Museum of Barcelona


The New Wax Museum opened its doors again in 2020 converted into a museum of the 21st century but without losing its impressive architecture and history. Using new technologies, figures and scenographies distributed in 28 areas, visitors will enjoy a journey through a part of our history and our present.
Located in the heart of the city, in what was once the headquarters of a bank, the museum is today inhabited by more than 150 nationally and internationally recognized figures.
The visit to the Wax Museum ends in the last scenario Bosc de les Fades, an enchanted cafeteria set in a fairy forest. A complete experience to offer to those people, whether families, friends, or couples, staying in Barcelona.

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