At Apartur we actively work to promote and maintain a responsible and sustainable tourism model. 

With a strong commitment to being involved in the future of Barcelona, we have focused our socially responsible actions across all areas: social, economic, and environmental.

  • Social:

    Promoting projects to guarantee good working conditions in the tourism sector. Increasing integration in the labour market, and thus achieving redistribution of generated wealth, as well as organizing collaboration campaigns with NGOs to improve the integration of the most disadvantaged.

  • Economic:

    Boosting local shops and restaurants, as well as promoting the various districts where tourist accommodation is located. By doing so, the accommodation becomes a vehicle for promoting the wide variety of commercial and dining options that are available in all neighbourhoods, and which form part of their identity and make them unique.

  • Environmental:

    Creating campaigns that encourage the reduction of the ecological footprint of tourist accommodation according to international guidelines and standards, and so promote a green and circular economy. Implementing measures to decentralize and alleviate tourism congestion by managing and distributing tourist traffic throughout the city.

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