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Little or nothing remains of the sector to be found in November 2004, the year APARTUR was founded. Over these almost two decades, many things have changed. The model for tourist apartment accommodation has evolved into one of the most sought-after, most sustainable types of accommodation with excellent prospects going forward. No one can doubt that this is a sector that generates significant economic activity for the city, and its importance should be recognised. 

As APARTUR approaches its 20th anniversary, it has become the voice of the tourist apartment sector in Barcelona. A voice that is increasingly heard everywhere and which continues to fight for the recognition that the sheer number of visiting tourists shows we deserve. We represent 20% of all tourism to the city, and each year we generate more than 288 million euros in taxes. This economic value justifies our presence when strategic decisions are made for the city's tourism sector. 

We want to continue to focus on better legislation that allows for sustainable growth of tourist apartment licenses. Continuing to prohibit growth is not the solution and Ciutat Vella is the clearest example. The administration must understand that the solution should be to legislate and professionalise the sector even more, so as to ensure orderly and regulated growth, while also continuing to provide security and quality for both tourists and residents alike.  

We have been repeating the same mantra for years: Tourism must be sustainable or it will not last. This is the principle by which we have been working for some time. The tourism sector needs to shift towards a new, more sustainable model in all respects, and I firmly believe that we, the VUT (Vacation Rental Units), are leading this change. We must continue working to make Barcelona an increasingly sustainable destination from an environmental, economic, and social perspective. Furthermore, we should aim to surpass the quality standards demanded by the administration and our competitors in the operations of our businesses.


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