Founded November 15, 2004, as a private and non-profit association, APARTUR’s purpose is to unite the sector around common objectives.

Comprising over 300 management companies, property owners, and individuals, it represents 85% of the licensed properties in the province.

APARTUR acts as an intermediary in negotiations with governmental and other institutions, ensuring the defence and visibility of the collective interests of all. We provide competitiveness and quality assurance for this type of accommodation for the benefit of members and the associated community:





Active participation in programs to develop the tourism sector in the province Implementation of mechanisms to improve coexistence between tourism activity and citizens Strengthening the sector by promoting the potential for diversity among members to enrich the industry and ensure excellent experiences for guests



The rental of apartments for days or weeks is a deeply rooted activity in the main tourist destinations worldwide, and Barcelona is no exception. The demand for tourist apartments has grown significantly over past years, and consequently, so has its supply.

At APARTUR, we aim to support this activity by improving the quality of services in tourist accommodation, ensuring their integration with the rest of the tourism sector and collaboration with public authorities.

Our objectives:

  • Protection and defence of the interests of members.
  • Unity in the sector and combating intrusion.
  • Legal protection against regulations that threaten our sector.
  • Coordination and cooperation with the main organizations at the regional, provincial, national, and state levels.
  • Professionalisation of the sector by controlling quality to ensure high standards among companies and professionals in the industry.
  • Creating synergies among members and provision of shared services.
  • Enhancing the implementation and attainment of certifications and quality seals.
  • Promoting our members.
  • Presence at national and international tourism fairs and conferences.
  • Active participation in business and tourism guilds, as well as neighbourhood, social, and civic organizations.

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