As representatives of the tourist accommodation sector in the city of Barcelona and the province, we firmly advocate for a professional, responsible, and sustainable management model.

The values that define us are:

Proximityis our core value, with all our members, administrations, suppliers and other organizations. Ensuring that our relationships are direct, honest, professional, and mutually beneficial. Proximity is adapted to each type of relationship, but the aim is to always foster a trustworthy and loyal relationship.

Responsabilityover how our activity impacts our community, whether it be environmentally, socially, or economically. Because of this we promote programs and actions that allow this impact to be positive.

Commitmentthat all our partners are aligned with the Association's vision, values, and objectives.

Trust is the foundation of the confidence our members place in us to build a robust, united sector. Together we defend its professionalism, excellence, quality, and innovation.

These values have allowed us to grow, consolidate, take on challenges and adapt to meet the demands of our sector within a complex and changing tourism environment.

The Apartur Code of Ethics was created with the aim of reinforcing this management model, and it is an essential requirement for all members to accept it to become part of the Association and to demonstrate their commitment and alignment with the principles of Apartur:


Strict compliance with current legislation:Strict compliance with current legislation: Full respect for the values outlined in the Apartur Good Practices Manual, as well as compliance with the obligations, particularly laws and regulations, established by the authorities.

Demonstration of personal integrity:Adhering to criteria of professionalism and integrity:

Professionalism means diligent, responsible, efficient action focused on quality and innovation.

Integrity is defined as loyal behaviour, avoiding any conflicts of interest that may prioritize personal interests over the collective objectives of the Association.

Respect for the environment:  Commitment to minimise the environmental impact of our activity by implementing policies that reduce pollution, for example ensuring proper waste management. 

Coexistence with neighbourhoods and welcoming guests:The importance of educating tourists staying in tourist accommodations within a residential community, so that they respect and comply with the rules, schedules and ‘quiet hours’ of a neighbourhood.

To advocate for a form of tourism where guests do not feel like tourists but like neighbours. To make them feel that accommodation provided by our members is their own during their entire stay.

Principle of equal opportunity:Promoting equal treatment regarding access to employment, training, professional advancement and working conditions. Specifically ensuring no discrimination based on gender, race, age, and religion.

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